Photography Friday - Oh Baby!

The theme for this week is simple, babies! There have been a ton of babies being born lately so that's why I chose this theme. Plus, they're adorable. And smell like that new baby smell, (well except for the poop and spit up part).  I consider a baby to be about 2 years old and under, but whatever you guys think is fine!

You know the rules, but here they are again, just in case: only one picture per person, must include the theme, you have to have taken the picture yourself, you have until Monday night at 10pm to enter.

What I'm Working On

Thankfully I've had a lot of photo sessions lately, so I'm busy editing! Here's one of my favorite pics to share with you now. Can you say gorgeous?? Her eyes are breathtaking!

More to come soon!

Girlfriends winner

The winner this week goes to Lynn! I love the pure joy on their faces! It was hard to choose this week, because I really liked all the pictures!

I'm lucky enough to call Lynn one of my closest girlfriends even though we live thousands of miles away from each other. When we see each other we pick right up like we've never been apart.

Thanks everyone who entered, see you Friday!

I Heart Faces - Yellow


This is one of my most favorite pictures that I've taken of Vivian. I think yellow is her color! To see more yellow, go to .

Photo Friday - Girlfriends!

The theme this week is girlfriends! Girlfriend pics I think are always fun to look at, and I miss some of mine who are scattered all over the states! This is a picture of me and my BFF Jayna taken a couple of years ago.

Rules: You must have taken the picture yourself, can be a self portrait, has to include the theme, one entry per person. You have until Monday night at 10 pm to enter and then the winner will be announced on Tuesday.

Movie Quote Winner!

This week's winner is...Rosie J. Photography! Rosie is a new Photo Friday participant and she found me through I Heart Faces and Pioneer Woman. It's great to have new internet friends! Rosie is a talented photographer, go here to see her photos.

I love this picture because the sun burst is just amazing! I tried to do one of these once and it didn't work out so well! Great job!

Thanks to everyone who participated! See you on Friday!

I Heart Faces - Flowers


Oh my goodness it's flower week at I Heart Faces, and you know my love of flowers! I chose this one for two reasons, her name is Violet and she's surrounded by flowers! Oh, and she's mine so that's another reason. Go to to see more flowers and faces!

Photo Friday- My Colors are Blush and Bashful!

I honestly don't think there's anyone that loves the movie Steel Magnolias more than me, so I thought I'd do a movie themed contest this week. Your photo has to go with a movie quote! So, post your photo and accompanying movie quote and let's have fun this week!

Shelby: My colors are "blush" and "bashful."
M'Lynn: Her colors are "pink" and pink."
Shelby: My colors are "blush" and "bashful" Mama!
M'Lynn: How pretentious is this weddin' gonna get, I ask you?
Rules: you must have taken the photo yourself, must go with the theme, only one photo per person, you have until Monday night at 10 pm to enter, winners will be announced Tuesday!

Ah, things from home!


I had a great weekend in my hometown and got to go out around the farm and take lots of pics, more to come later!

I Heart Faces - Celebrating Mom

The theme this week at I Heart Faces is moms. I just did my own photo contest last week and it was moms also, it's so fun to see pics of moms around the world! This is a picture of my sister and three beautiful nieces in front of a 110 year old barn that we found in my hometown. My sister is a great mom and a fabulous sister as well! To see more mom pics, go to

Mom Winner!

Wow, I loved all the mom pics this week! My first place prize this week goes to Angie! I really love the treatment she gave this photo and the beautiful words written about her mom! Not to mention the beautiful lady in the shot! Great job Riz, I'll email you your prize information! Thanks to everyone who entered this week!

Photo Friday - Moms

The theme for this weekend is Moms, which is appropriate since it's Mother's Day on Sunday! I chose this pic of my mom sitting on the swing in my backyard last year on her birthday. I like to call her the "original pioneer woman" since she's lived on a farm my whole life and cooks better than anyone I know!

So the rules: Must have a mom in the picture, it can be your grandma if you want or even a self portrait of you if you're a mom, only one pic per person, you have to have taken the picture yourself, you have until Monday night at 10pm to enter.

There will be an actual prize this week, so please enter! The prize is for 20 free prints on Shutterfly!

So Yellow Winner!

This week's winner is Ann. Head over to her photo stream on Flickr and take a look at some of the gorgeous shots that Ann takes, she's talented! I love this shot because of the clarity, it's like you're in the picture! Thankfully we're not because I'm not a huge fan of bees!

Runner up goes to Kate.  As a travel agent, Kate gets to go all over the world and she has taken some pretty amazing pictures! Loved all the action and colors going on in this shot and I loved the rounded edges also!
Thanks to everyone who entered this week, see you Friday!