I Heart Faces - Best January Pic

The theme for this week's I Heart Faces contest is the best face photo you've taken in January 2011. I looked back at my calendar to remind myself of what shoots I'd done and had several to choose from. Then I remembered baby Gabe! I had the privilege of going into the operating room with a good friend of mine and capturing the first few moments of her son's life! I had been back behind the curtain the whole time and figured that is where I would stay. I had no idea that the doctor would call me over when they were pulling him out. I didn't even have time to adjust my settings on my camera, I just ran around and saw him make his entrance into the world! Tear immediately came to my eyes and it was such a wonderful moment! I had to choose this photo as my I Heart Faces entry for this week!

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I Heart Faces - Innocent Wonder


I chose this photo of my daughter Vivian on a trip to the historic round barn at Arcadia. I caught her in a moment and have loved this photo ever since. To see what she's looking at, click here for the original blog post about our trip. It's a pretty amazing barn!

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Thanks to everyone who entered, I loved all of your photos and my decision was a tough one! But first let's get to the winner of the Peach Orchard print. I did an online random number generator and it said that the winner was number 9 Christy! What's cool about this is that out of all of the people who entered, she is the only one who is from my hometown, where this picture was taken! She was also my highschool yearbook teacher! Congrats Christy, email me at mandystansberry@yahoo.com and send me your mailing address! Now for the winner of this week's contest:

I chose this photo from Angie because I kept going back to look at it! It's so beautiful and it reminds me of so many things in my own life! Great job Riz, you have won $15 off your next photoshoot with me. Thanks everyone for participating!

I Heart Faces - Smile!

This fall I did a lot of family photoshoots. I mean a lot! It was a lot of fun, there were some easy ones, some more challenging ones and each one was a different experience. This shoot was a long awaited one for sure. This picture is the daughter of a good friend of mine. My friend moved away about five years ago and is now back with her husband and two daughters. I am so lucky to get to spend time with her and her babies now and to take their pictures! Especially in moments like the one below. Pure joy!

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Photo Friday - Your Fave!

Okay guys, this week's contest is your absolute favorite photo that you took last year! I had to choose between this one and the Glendalough Cemetary Picture, but I think this one wins. It's from my hometown and that means something to me! To mix it up a little bit this week, there will be a prize! Everyone who enters will be in a drawing for an 8x10 matted print of this peach orchard photo. The winner will get $15 off their next photoshoot with me! So let me see your favorite photos from 2010! You have until Monday at noon and the winner will be announced Monday night!

Please Vote!

Thanks for all the nice comments on my photo of Vivian that I entered into the I Heart Faces best face contest for 2010. Now, please head to their website and vote for my photo, #34!  Thank you!

I Heart Faces - Best Face 2010

 Here's my entry, and deciding on which photo to use was very hard! I polled some of my Facebook friends and the overwhelming response was to use this photo! I love the excitement on her face and I love this girl. I hope you like it! To see more best face photos, head over to http://www.iheartfaces.com/.