The new Mrs. Newberry


This is another favorite bridal portrait that I've taken. It's of the gorgeous Jill Huggins, now Newberry! Jill was so much fun to take pictures of because every picture of her was so good. She's very photogenic and was super easy to work with. I also did her engagement pictures and some of the wedding photography as well. They had a really pretty wedding in Ft. Gibson.

Christmas Wedding

This is another beautiful bride that I had the pleasure of working with recently. She and her new husband were two of the nicest people ever! It was a nice wedding at Tinker chapel during the Christmas season. She looked so beautiful and I just loved the flowers that she chose. I wish them the best of luck!

Model Monica

This is the gorgeous Monica Thompson, who I miss so much! She's walking in Memphis now, leaving all of us behind! We just kind of did this photo shoot for fun up in the marketing studio one day. I think she looks great, she's very photogenic. I also did a bridal session with her once, and that was a lot of fun. Miss you Monica!

My First Wedding

This is a photo of my friend Dara who graciously let me photograph her wedding even though I had never done one before. I think I was more nervous than she was before the wedding started! Everything went really well and it was a lot of fun. They had a beautiful Christmas wedding and I think that Dara looks so great in this picture. The bridesmaid dresses were so pretty too, in a rich red color. It was held in Scott Chapel at OC and was a lovely ceremony.

Angelic Angela


This is one of my favorite bridal portraits that I have taken. It's of Angela Morton and she is one of the most photogenic people that I have ever worked with, so she was a natural! I didn't hurt that the lighting was perfect and the setting was gorgeous! She had a beautiful wedding and now she's even expecting their first child together. What a cute family.