Photo Friday - Bokeh

Okay guys, I want to see some major bokeh submissions! If you need to learn more about bokeh, take a look at my last post, it explains it there!

You have until Sunday night to post your own bokeh photo. Winners will be announced on Monday!

Bokeh Love

So this year for Christmas the hubs got me a new macro lens! I've always wanted one, but lenses are expensive and I figured that it wouldn't happen. I was wrong, what a good Matty! I've been playing around with it the past few days and here are some of the shots I've gotten. I had a bokeh theme going because of the contest on Pioneer Woman this week. Actually I took several of these the day before she announced her bokeh contest, so I was pretty excited!

In case you don't know what bokeh is, here a wikipedia explanation: In photography, bokeh (pronounced /boʊˈkeɪ/) is the blur,[1][2] or the aesthetic quality of the blur,[3][4][5] in out-of-focus areas of an image, or "the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light.

Get a good idea of what it is, because I'm having a bokeh photo contest on Friday, so get out there and start playing with bokeh before you put your Christmas tree away! Here are some places where I found great bokeh:

My mantel with my tree in the background.

You can put a figurine or anything you think is pretty in front of your tree and it creates great bokeh in the background.
 I set up an ornament on my dining room table and shot through it to catch some great bokeh.
 This is my centerpiece on my table, the beads created their own beautiful bokeh, no Christmas lights necessary!
 This is just a sparkly ornament in the corner with Christmas lights behind it.
 I had to use these adorable Rudoplh stuffed animals as my main focal point! I also gave it a vintagey color because I thought that it would look better that way!
 I saw these cookie cutters sitting on my counter and knew I had to use them for the bokeh experiment. I did however crop out our gross kitchen counter. White laminate with gold flecks just isn't something I wanted to highlight. Can anyone says, '70s?
 Gingerbread man bokeh!
So, get ready for the contest on Friday, I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

I Heart Faces - Self Portrait

I gotta tell you, I hate seeing myself in pictures. I almost didn't even do a self portrait, but I decided to go ahead and try it. I never like them. Ever. So, I decided to feature my favorite Scarlett coffee mug, since she's way better looking than me! So, focus on Scarlett please!

Go to to see lots of cool pictures of lots of talented photographers!

I Heart Faces - Scenic Black and White


This photo was taken last November in Dublin, Ireland. It was the week of Thanksgiving and the city had put up its Christmas lights. I just love how European cities decorate for Christmas! To see more scenic black and white photos, go to

I Heart Faces - Paper

The theme this week for I Heart Faces is paper. I looked through my folders for quite a while to find one! It wasn't easy folks! Finally I thought of cupcakes and knew where to go! This was such a fun couple and great wedding to shoot!

On another note, thanks for all the nice comments last week, having the winning photo was something I never thought would happen, it really made my week! Thanks to all!

To see more paper pics, go to http://www.iheart.faces/. Have a great Thanksgiving!

I Heart Faces - Silhouette

When I saw the theme for this week I knew which picture I would choose. Well actually it was between this one and another one, but this one one in the end. This wedding was at a really beautiful church with the tallest windows I've ever seen! Made a cool picture!

To see more silhouette pictures, go to

I Heart Faces - Orange

This is orange week on I Heart Faces and I remembered a baby I did a fall session for just recently with a little owl hat with an orange beak.  
Isn't he adorable?? I know it's not a ton of orange, but I think orange in small doses is best! To see more orange go to

Photo Friday Winner- Fall

Ann must have known my weakness is a good sunburst! Beautiful job Ann! You are so talented. I love the colors so much too! Thanks so everyone who entered!

Photography Friday - Fall!

Hey guys, I know that Photo Friday has been gone for a while, but I've been so busy editing that I can't find the time! However, I am mostly caught up and it's back! Your picture can be anything that you love about fall. I chose these mums that grow in front of my parents house, I think they're so pretty!

The rules: You can only enter one pic, you must have taken the picture yourself, has to include the theme, you have until Sunday night at10 pm. Winners will be announced on Monday morning!

I Heart Faces - Pink Week


I just loved the happy expression on her face and the way the sunbeams came down around her! To see more pink pics, go to

Fixit Friday

Original Photo:
My edit: I really wanted to bring out the yellow in the trees and pump up the colors too. I added a cool texture and a quote about kites. I can't tell if it's a kite or not that he has in his hand, but it looks like one to me! Plus, I liked the quote!

To see more edits of this photo or to participate in fixit Friday, go to

You know I love a barn

 Yesterday our family took a trip out to Route 66. Our plan was to eat at Pops then head over to Parkhurst Pumpkin Patch. Well, the waiting time at Pops was an hour long, so we ate at Subway, went to the pumpkin patch and then on our way home stopped at the historic Round Barn at Arcadia. It is such a cool place! I've driven by it lots of times but never stopped to go inside. Here's what the outside looks like. It's red, but I thought the picture looked cooler turned this antique style of black and white.

This is what the ceiling looked like on the second floor of the barn. It's huge by the way! And awesome.
I stole this shot of Vivian when she stopped running in circles for about a half a minute. I just love the expression on her face. She's so pretty, if I do say so!
So, if you live in the area, go out and check out the old red barn, you wont regret it!

I Heart Faces - In the orchard

It was harder for me to decide this week because I have a ton of orchard pics to choose from. There's a huge peach orchard in my hometown that also has a pumpkin patch and hayride in the fall. So I have peach pictures and pumpkin pictures, but I decided on pumpkins because it's fall! This is a picture of my dad, who drives the tractor for the hayride at the orchard, surrounded by his five granddaughters. My two girls are the pale ones! Anyway, dad really loves doing the hayrides and all the school groups are always excited to see him when they pull up. They call him "the nice farmer". I love it!

To see more orchard pics, go to

My photo edit on Pioneer Woman!

PW's latest photo contest has to do with editing. I spend most of my days editing, so I was up to the challenge! Pioneer Woman supplied the photo of Pesky Tim on a horse and told us to give it our best edits and she would choose some of her favorites. Well, I got a text from Dara tonight telling me that my photo made it on P Dub's website again. It was really exciting to see it on there, no only in the section but on the front page of the site! Go to to check it out. Here's a screen shot!

My Photo in Edmond Monthly!

Here's how my Glendalough Cemetary picture looks in this month's edition of Edmond Monthly! They send me three copies in the mail the other day, and I was so excited to see it! It's on the back inside page of the magazine. Go pick one up today!

Chris & Lia Engagement Session

This was such a fun photoshoot at a beautiful vineyard in Norman. They're getting married in Mexico and have invited me to do their photos for my first destination wedding in December! I'm so excited! Check out some of my favorite pics of their session.

I Heart Faces - Smirk!

As you can see, the theme for this week's contest at I Heart Faces is "smirk". I knew immediately which folder to go to! Heather's bridal session had the perfect smirk! What's really amazing is that she still looks so beautiful and adorable while smirking, and I just love the dimple!

Head over to to see more smirks! Just don't smirk while you're looking at them!

Fall Special!


I Heart Faces - Vroom Vroom


It's vehicle week over at I heart faces, so I chose this adorable shot from the OKC photowalk. I love the old fashioned cars the best! To see more cars, trucks and more go to

Fixit Friday


I really liked the picture this week for Fixit Friday, and so did my almost three year old daughter who saw it up on my computer screen. I almost talked her into letting me put braided pigtails in her hair because of it but she backed out in the end. Oh well, I almost had her!

Here is the sooc shot, which is pretty good already, just needs a couple of touch ups!

I just needed some boosting, some contrast and a little extra attention on the eyes. I used PW's actions, Fresh & Colorful, Sharpen This, and Bring on the Eyes.

Then I decided to do a second one, I thought that PW's Seventies action would be great with her coloring. It's definitely my fave PW action but it doesn't look good on everyone. I've been using it for a while and knew it would be great on this precious little girl. I then added an edge burn just to dim it a little.
Happy photo editing!