I Heart Faces - Smirk!

As you can see, the theme for this week's contest at I Heart Faces is "smirk". I knew immediately which folder to go to! Heather's bridal session had the perfect smirk! What's really amazing is that she still looks so beautiful and adorable while smirking, and I just love the dimple!

Head over to http://www.iheartfaces.com/ to see more smirks! Just don't smirk while you're looking at them!

Fall Special!


I Heart Faces - Vroom Vroom


It's vehicle week over at I heart faces, so I chose this adorable shot from the OKC photowalk. I love the old fashioned cars the best! To see more cars, trucks and more go to http://www.iheartfaces.com/.

Fixit Friday


I really liked the picture this week for Fixit Friday, and so did my almost three year old daughter who saw it up on my computer screen. I almost talked her into letting me put braided pigtails in her hair because of it but she backed out in the end. Oh well, I almost had her!

Here is the sooc shot, which is pretty good already, just needs a couple of touch ups!

I just needed some boosting, some contrast and a little extra attention on the eyes. I used PW's actions, Fresh & Colorful, Sharpen This, and Bring on the Eyes.

Then I decided to do a second one, I thought that PW's Seventies action would be great with her coloring. It's definitely my fave PW action but it doesn't look good on everyone. I've been using it for a while and knew it would be great on this precious little girl. I then added an edge burn just to dim it a little.
Happy photo editing!