Photo Friday Food - Winner!

Can I just say that I absolutely loved this week?? All the food pics were sooo yummy! I had several favorites, but it came down to this amazing cupcake taken by Lailah! I love the cropping on it and how just a couple of the little beads on top are in focus! Great job Lailah! Thanks to everyone who entered this week!

I Heart Faces - Pets


This is a pic of my dog Daisy, she's half cocker spaniel and half cavalier king charles. To see more pet pics, go to

Photo Friday - Food!

This week's contest is gonna be really fun, and yummy because the theme is food! Your photo can have any kind of food, people eating food, or food being prepared. This is a picture of the delicious blueberry scone that they serve at Inspirations Tea Room in Edmond. Sooo yummy especially with the lemon sauce that they serve with it!

Here's the rules: one picture per entry, must include the theme, you have to have taken the picture, you can enter until Monday night at 10 pm. Be sure to go around and see what everyone else enters! You can include recipe's if you want to, that would be fun!

Fun Winner!

The winner of this week's photo contest goes to Amy Nickerson! I absolutely loved this entry. From the post processing, to the priceless joyful look on her face, it really made me happy! Great job Amy, and thanks to everyone who entered!

I Heart Faces - Celebrating Teens!


This is a picture of Emily, who just graduated high school last month. We went out into a field, scaled a fence to get there and took some really fun senior pictures! This girl was so much fun! She wanted a very Oklahoma/rustic feel to the photos and we found the perfect spot.

To see more teen photos, go to

Photo Friday - Fun!

The theme for this week is Fun! Summer is all about fun and being with friends and just hanging out and enjoying the nice weather. I can't wait to see your fun pics!

You have until Monday night at 10 pm to enter, you must have taken the picture yourself, must only be one photo and has to include the theme.

Another Lovett Baby!

The other day I had the pleasure of shooting maternity pics for an adorable couple from my church. I was actually their camp counselor at two different church camps when they were in high school and maybe even middle school! Now they're all grown up, married and expecting a little boy! Here are some of my favorite shots:

I Heart Faces - All About Babies


I'm all about the baby pictures, and it was tough to decide but I kept coming back to this one of my daughter Violet. Doesn't she just look like a Violet? She's a sweet baby and this picture was taken a few months ago before she was mobile enough to crawl away!

To see more babies head over to

I Heart Faces- Play!

We were at a friend's neighborhood pool the other day when a group of teenagers started lining up and jumping in together. I had to grab my camera! Oh, to be a teenager again!

To see more "play"ful pictures go to

Session with my nephew

During Mother's Day weekend I had the pleasure of taking my adorable nephew's pictures! He has grown up so much! It was a very exciting weekend because the next day his daddy came home from Iraq after being gone for about 5 months. Anderson was all smiles for his photoshoot and did a great job!

Photo Friday Baby Winner!

I loved looking at the baby pics, so adorable! The winner this week goes to Sara Ackerman. I love the soft treatment she gave this photo, and what a beautiful baby! Thanks to all who entered!