On Pioneer Woman!

One goal I had for this year was for one of my photos to be on Pioneer Woman's website. I really didn't think it would happen, but it's good to dream!  I couldn't believe when it happend in January and I certainly couldn't believe it again when it happened yesterday!

When she said the theme was green I immediately thought of my trip to Ireland and specifically this shot of the Glendalough Cemetery. It was such a rainy, dreary day, just perfect for a nice creepy cemetery picture. (But very bad for my hair!) Anyway, the day that I posted this picture in her Flickr group I had about 35 views. Flickr tells you how many people have clicked on your photo to check it out. After PW announced that I was in the first group of best photos the numbers kept going up and up. Today, just one day later, I have 466 views! It's amazing the power the PW has! It's been such a crazy ride, and it's been so much fun! Here's the shot that was featured.

Several people have requested prints of this photo, and if you'd like one, please leave a comment and I'll give you the price for whatever size you would like. Thanks!

I Heart Faces - Dramatic Black and White


This is one of my all time favorite wedding pictures that I've taken. It really wasn't posed, that's how lovely and relaxed they were. I feel like I shouldn't even have been standing there. It's also very special because they are two close friends of mine! Morgandi is one of my dearest friends and Jason and I have know each other since we were kids. What a great couple!

 To see more drama go to http://www.iheartfaces.blogspot.com/.

Fixit Friday

Here's the before:

Here's the after:
To see more fixits go to http://www.iheartfaces.blogspot.com/.

Photography Friday - The worst

This week we're going to do something a little bit different. I want you to post the most embarassing picture of yourself. You read that right, let's see the 80's hair, bad teeth and glasses. Hmm, well maybe that was just me. Anyway, let's see what you got!

So the rules are different this week since you don't have to be the photographer. I'm excited to see everyone's pics, be brave and don't leave me hangin'! You have until Monday night to enter, so get thee to a scanner.

Alright guys, this is me when I was probably like 14 or so. I had done my hair like this so that I could send it in to one of those Teen Magazine best hair contests. I'm not kidding. So, let's see what you got!

Black and White Winner

I really loved all the pictures this week, there's just something about black and white photos! The winner for this week is:

She knows I have a weakness for this set of photos from her trip! Everything is so perfect with this shot, the light coming in through the windows, the color (black and white with a touch of sepia) and especially the silhouette in the doorway. Fabulous shot, my friend!

Thanks to everyone who entered this week!

I Heart Faces - Focusing on Angles


Viv enjoying the music at the St. Patrick's Day activities downtown! That's her dad on the guitar in the background!

To join the fun, go to http://www.iheartfaces.blogspot.com/.

Photography Friday - Black and White/Sepia

The theme for this weekend's contest is black and white/sepia pictures. You can choose whichever one you want to do. Sometimes I can just look at a picture and know it would be best in black and white or sepia. The pics I just did of Violet for example are some that I knew would look best with a vintage feel. It's something to play around with, so have fun!

The rules: You must have taken the picture yourself, only one picture can be entered, must include the theme, enter your link in Mr. Linky's below, and you have until Monday night at 10 pm to enter. The winners will be announced on Tuesday. Can't wait to see your entries!

Happy Winners

I had two favorites that I kept going back to this week.
I chose this breakfast photo by Ann because I loved the simplicity of it. I love all the elements of it, and I love breakfast! Ann, let's go to Paris and have breakfast some time! Great shot this week. The next one that I loved was this happy girl below, taken by Sarah. I loved the look on her face and just how happy she was! However, I kept wanting to lighten it a bit and crop it. So here is the original shot, which was so cute!

Here's the editing I did to it. I hope this doesn't make Sarah mad, but I figured that since it's a photography blog that it would be okay! Great job to everyone this week, I hope you enjoyed the theme!

I Heart Faces - Bundled Up

In December I took Viv out in the backyard so she could play in the snow. I bundled her up and told her how much fun it would be to play in the snow! This is what her face looked like the entire time we were out there, which was about 5 minutes before she burst into tears and we went back inside. I guess she's like her momma, wishing for Summer!
To see more bundled up photos, go to www.iheartfaces.blogspot.com.

I Heart Faces - Fixit Friday

Original Photo: So cute but too dark!
I really wanted to lighten it up and showcase her face because she's so pretty! I also got rid of the stray hair because I felt like it was distracting. Go to www.iheartfaces.blogspot.com.

Photo Friday - Happy

The theme this weekend is very simple, just post a picture of anything that makes you happy. You have to explain why it makes you happy though! The rules: only one picture can be entered, you have to have taken the picture yourself, must contain the theme, and a new deadline - you have until Monday night at 9 pm to enter. The winner will be announced Tuesday! How could this face not make you happy? Violet makes me happy every day with her sweet smile, good attitude and she's so cuddly too! Plus, that's just happy hair!

Good luck and I'm excited to see your entries!



DSC00193.JPG, originally uploaded by Dwight.

The winner of Photo Friday is Dwight! I just love the water droplets! Congrats Dwight and thanks to all who entered!

I Heart Faces - Jump for Joy!


This was such a fun couple to work with. I love when couples want to do fun creative poses and really have a good time with their photos! This shot was their idea and I thought it was so cute! This was shot downtown OKC in the Myriad Gardens. Thankfully it was right across the street from their wedding venue. What a perfect spot for wedding pics!
To see more jumping, go to www.iheartfaces.blogspot.com.

Photography Friday - Flower Power

As you can see, this week's theme is all about flowers! Now that the sun is shining and the weather seems to be warming up, these little babies are going to start popping up everywhere! The rules:

You must have taken the picture yourself.

Only one picture can be entered.

Must go along with the theme "Flower Power".

Leave your link in Mr. Linky below or in the comments section.

You have until Sunday night at 10 pm to enter and the winner will be announced on Monday.

Have a great weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing your flower pics!

Wish You Were Here Winner!

I loved this week's pictures so much, it made me feel like I wasn't sitting here in cold and dreary Oklahoma anymore! This week's first place winner is Andy Jacobsen! Here is his awesome picture: I loved this shot so much, while the sunset and water are gorgeous, my favorite part of this picture is the foreground. Imagine this picture without it. Great shot Andy!

I'm also giving a special creativity award to Amy Nickerson. I loved the post processing she did on this shot:
Go to her blog to read what she did to get this vintage postcard look. Great job as usual Amy! You're inspiring!
Thanks to everyone who entered this week! Leave a comment for the winners. Also, I'm taking your suggestions for the theme for next week, so leave a comment if you have ideas.

I Heart Faces - Hilarious Outtakes


This was a fun maternity shoot I did down at the Myriad Gardens in OKC. This fun couple was pooped on during one of our pictures and then had to clean each other off. I even have a pic of them still smiling with bird poop on their heads before they realized what had happened! I think it's ironic that they're already having to deal with poop before the baby even comes! Get used to it guys.
What I love about this one is that his hand is on her belly. You can tell he's excited to be a dad! To see more funny shots of hilarious outtakes, go to www.iheartfaces.blogspot.com.