Photography Friday - Wish You Were Here

The theme for this week is all about vacations! Can you tell I'm ready to get out of the cold weather and get my toes in the sand? The rules: You must have taken the picture yourself, must incorporate the theme, put your name and link in the Mr. Linky below, you have until Sunday night at 10pm to enter and the winner will be announced on Monday. Anyone can enter, it's fun! I'm excited to see your shots this weekend!

Going Green Winner!

I really loved all the photos in this week's challenge! Great job everyone! I am handing out one award this week and it goes to:


I love the vibrance of the green, the reflection in the bubble and just everything about this one! If you haven't met Kate, she is such a great and fabulous friend to have. Visit her blog here.

Thanks to everyone who entered! See you on Friday!

I Heart Faces - Hands on fun!

This week the theme at i heart faces is all about hands! I just did a photoshoot downtown in OKC last weekend for a little boy who just turned three and he did this when I asked him how old he was. Is he cute or what? He was very proud of being a three year old!

To see more pics of hands go to

Photography Friday - Going Green

In honor of my hatred for all the cold weather and snow we've gotten this winter, the theme this week is Going Green. Positive thinking people! And I recycle. And you should too. Anyway, the rules: You must have taken the photo yourself, must incorporate the color green in the picture, you have until Sunday night at 10 pm to enter and the winners will be announced on Monday morning. This is my first week to try Mr. Linky's so put your name and your link in the box below and hopefully it will work! If it doesn't work just leave your link in the comments.

Be sure to visit the other entries and let them know what you think!

Photography Friday Winners

I couldn't decide between two entries this week so it's a tie! First place and first place go to Amy Nickerson and Morgandi Lashley. I just loved both of these entries.

Here's Amy photo:

Here's Morgandi's photo of her mom meeting her newest granddaughter, Stella. Sooo sweet!

Great job you guys! Thanks to all who entered!

I Heart Faces - I Wanna Dance!


This wedding was at a great inn in Guthrie, Oklahoma. It was so beautiful inside and had a fabulous dance floor. It also had a great design on the ceiling, so I wanted to get that in the shot as well. It was hard for me to choose this week, but I kept coming back to this one! To see more people shakin their groove thang, go to

Photography Friday - Love ya!

Since it's Valentine weekend, the theme for this week's contest is Love. You know the rules, but here they are anyway: You must have taken the picture yourself, the theme must be used, leave your photo link in the comments and you have until Sunday night at 10 pm to enter. The winner or winners will be announced on Monday! Have a lovely weekend! Here is a pic I just took of my girls. Can you tell that they're tired of getting their pictures taken? They're like, "Mom get that camera out of my face please!"

I Heart Faces - Kisses


I had a really tough time picking a kiss picture for this week's contest. I ended up choosing this shot from a vineyard wedding I did. They are sitting on a tractor, which I suggested that they do, and they went along with it! What a gorgeous wedding that was, by the way. On another note, I just finished my new website, so go to to check it out. I designed it myself and it was a long process! Let me know what you think!

To see more lovely dovey, smoochy woochy kisses, go to

I Got The Blues Winners!

This was hard for me this week! With so many great photos and so many entries, it's not easy to choose winners. However, that is the plan, so here we go:

First Place - Gena Shoemake
I love this color of blue, it's probably my favorite shade! And while I'd never want to be this close to this rodent, I love that his eyes are so focused and everything in the background is perfectly blurred. Great job!

Second Place - Ann White

This picture looks like something that could be hanging in the white house! Very Americana!

Third Place - Rebecca

What a fabulous shot of the Eiffel Tower, sooo pretty! Makes me want to get my passport out!

Fourth Place - Angela Risley

I don't even think this one needs an explanation! Do places like this really exist??

Fifth Place - Lailah Morris

I love how the entire picture is just of the ground, but you can see almost the whole sky. The composition is perfect. I also love that even though Lailah and her family are going through so much right now, she can step outside the hospital and see something beautiful. Even if it's on the ground. Lovely!

Thanks to everyone who entered this week, please come back next week and do it again! Also, try to stop by the winners blogs and congratulate them! Have a great week!

Photography Friday - I got the blues!

This week's contest is all about the color blue. We're getting some new couches today and we picked out some gorgeous light blue ones and I'm excited about it! So, be sure to read the rules carefully: YOU must have taken the picture yourself, enter the link in the comments, must have the color blue in it, you have until Sunday night at 10pm to enter. So, if you are in the picture, it can't be entered. Unless it's a self portrait! Have fun, can't wait to see your entries! Be sure to click through the rest of the photos and let the other people who entered know what you think! Have a great weekend, hopefully we'll see some blue skies soon!

Photography Friday: Birthday Winner!

This week's winner goes to Candice Forte! I love this picture because you can tell he's excited about all those balloons. And since I just watched the movie Up last night, I can just imagine that he's about to float up off the ground. I think it would have been a little more impactful if it had been cropped in closer so we could see Cole's face a little bit better. He's a major cutie! Congrats Candice! Thanks to everyone who entered!