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Photography Friday - Birthday

Well since today is my birthday we're doing a birthday theme for this weekend. So, enter your favorite picture that you have taken that is about birthdays. You have until Sunday night at 10 pm to enter your pic and the winner will be announced Monday. I hope everyone enters, this is a fun and easy theme! Good luck to you all! Just put a link to your picture in the comments and be sure to visit everyone else's submission and tell them what you think! Happy Friday!

My Favorite Ireland Pics

Glendalough Cemetary. It was a very rainy and hazy day which made it more creepy!A cool bridge in Glendalaugh.
This is the river in Dublin, very beautiful!
A cross at an old cathedral we drove past and had to get out of the car to check out. This pic is not in black and white, that's how grey the skies were that day.

This is a water fountain outside of the place that made played at the first night in Belfast.

Spectacular skies the night we arrived.

Belfast skies, it started raining on me when I was out there!

Accross the street from the above picture. It was pretty dark out and I didn't have a tripod of course, so I just braced myself and stood as still as possible since I was using manual mode.
Too bad I was only there for a few days!

I Heart Faces - Texture

This is probably my favorite picture that I took last year of my daughter Vivian. I decided to add a texture that looked like a western handkerchief because of her cowgirl boots! She wears them with everything and I love it! To join in the contest or just to see some really fabulous photography, go to

Photo Friday Water Winners!

Since I had so many entries this week, I can give multiple awards! Thanks to everyone who entered and please come back next week and enter again. I'm having so much fun with this and I hope you guys are too! Now, on to the winners:

1st place
Angela (Sorry I don't know your married name) Sawyer

I kept going back to this one! It just gets to me. I don't even know why, I just love how serene it looks how unusual it is. Such a great shot Angela!

2nd Place

Amy Kelly

I love everything about this! I love the color of the photo, almost a seventies feel to it, and a vintage vibe. I also love the way it's cropped, perfection! And you know I have sentimental ties with BCCC!

3rd Place

Amy Nickerson

I cannot download Amy's pictures so click here to take a look. It's truly a work of art! Fantastic again!

4th Place

Candace Forte

I love this shot! I want to be right there sitting in the grass with my shoes off and reading a good book. I think the color and composition are right on! Looks like a post card!

5th Place

Bailey Huntsman

Some photos just speak to me and this is one of them. From the overflowing flowers to the magical blue water and especially the sunbeam shining down, I love every part of this photo. So pretty!

Thanks so much for entering and I hope to see you all next week for a special birthday theme! Be sure to go over and let the winners know what you think!

I Heart Faces - Fixit Friday


Here is the original photo:
And here is my edited version!

Go to to join in!

Photography Friday - Water

So all the themes for this month are things that I love. The country, the color red, and the ocean! Next Friday is my birthday so be looking for your best birthday pictures for that one. Anyway, the contest this week is water, and that can be interpreted any way that you want! This picture was taken in the Bahamas on a cruise that we went on a few years ago. Ah, how I wish I was there right now, laying on a hammock! You know the rules, but here they are just in case we have new folks! You have to stick with the theme, you have to have taken the picture yourself, and put a link to you shot in the comments! The winner will be announced on Monday. I also would encourage all of you to go to everyone else's link and take a look at their shot. If you like it, let em know! It's always nice to get good comments about your pictures! Good luck and have fun!

Photography Friday Seeing Red Winner!

Thanks to everyone who participated this week! I had eleven entries and was very excited that so many people joined in this week. Please join in the competition and tell your friends!

I decided on two winners this week. It's a tie between Morgandi and Amy. Morgandi's picture is just below:
I love the vintage feel of this photo and all the glorious red!
And click here to see Amy's shot. Amy's shot almost looks like a painting, it's so amazing! Great job you guys!
Come back on Friday for a new theme, see you then!

I Heart Faces - We Are Family


Well they said they wanted a wide variety of family members represented, so that's what I gave them! Let's count em: 4 glorious Clydesdale horses, 2 fluffy kitties, 3 feisty dogs, 2 lovely children, and 2 very brave parents! What a fun photo shoot! I am an animal person and when they said that they were going to have their pets in the picture, I was all for it. Then I showed up at their ranch and they started going to the barn to pull out the horses. Then they gathered up the dogs, and I figured they were done. Then came the cats. It was a crazy, funny, hectic and wonderful experience. You should see the outtakes.
To join in this week's theme, or to just view some great family pictures, go to
So I have a question for all you photographers out there. How do I get my layout to let me make my pictures bigger. It cuts off the end of the pictures when I make them bigger. Help!

Photography Friday - Seeing Red

I decided to move my Photography Fridays to my photo blog, because that just makes more sense! This week's theme is Seeing Red. Your entry can be of anything you want, it just has to feature the color red. Also, you have to have taken the picture yourself to be considered for the contest!
Here's a picture I did last month of an adorable little boy! This picture was taken in the Crystal Bridge, which was so beautiful! It's the perfect place for a photo shoot! So, enter a link to your picture in the comments and the winner will be announced on Monday.

I Heart Faces - Birthday Week

If I was eating at a Mexican restaurant this upcoming week with i heart faces we'd be slapping a sombrero on it's head and singing an embarassing restaurant version of Happy Birthday! That's right, it's the first birthday of one of my favorite blogs!

So to celebrate, the contest this week is for the best face, but it has to have been taken either in December '09 or January '10. Thankfully I was a busy bee this past month and had a lot to choose from. I took this picture December 13th and had a great time with this sweet family. What an adorable little boy! He got a sucker between shots to keep him happy and I snagged this shot while he was getting his sugar high!

Head over to i heart faces to wish them happy birthday and to see all the best faces for this week!

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge


It's an I Heart Faces logo contest! Here are my three entries featuring their logo: How could you not love that face?

These two love each other's faces.

And this kid doesn't love anybody's face at the moment, especially mine!

“I am submitting this photo into the I Heart Faces logo photo contest. By entering, I am granting I Heart Faces LLC permission to consider my photo for use in the marketing and promotion of their website.”

To join in the photo challenge go to

Christmas Bokeh!

I've been obsessed with bokeh in pictures lately. Go here if you don't know what I'm talking about! This was my submission in Pioneer Woman's latest photo contest about holiday bokeh. There were so many gorgeous entries, I got really inspired. Go here to see the winning entry, I absolutely loved it! Once you notice it in pictures, it just starts popping up everywhere! Do you have a great bokeh pic that you'd like to share? Leave a link to it in my photo comments, I'd love to see it!