I Heart Faces - Week 12: Pets

It's pets week at I Heart Faces and I chose this picture of my dog Ollie. I don't think he'll ever be that clean again! I just love how he looks in this picture! To join in go to www.iheartfaces.com.

I Heart Faces - No Flash


I chose this picture I took of my niece Addi because she has such gorgeous chocolate eyes! I immediately thought of this picture when this theme came up. Isn't she gorgeous? I also love her freckles!


This picture I love so much because you can't always capture moments like this, but you'll always look back on them and remember what it felt like to hold your newborn baby. I just love how the light from the window is hitting them and softening the whole picture. I love no flash week!

To get in on the fun, go to http://www.heartfaces.com/.

Give Me Your Best Shot #7


I just found this blog through Melinda's blog so I thought I would participate this week. This is my fave picture from this week. I absolutely love tulips and was so excited when we found some during Viv's Easter picture photo shoot! I love how she's showing off her dress too! To participate go to http://1momof5.blogspot.com/.

I Heart Faces Week 10 - "Green"

Kids - Green
Adults - Green

As you can see it's Green week over at I Heart Faces! I chose two pictures that have a gorgeous green background. I love when everything turns green, it makes finding backgrounds for pictures so much easier! Join in the contest at I Heart Faces!

Aubrie's Maternity Photos

I had never done maternity photos before so I talked my good friend Aubrie into letting me practice on her! We had so much fun and she's very photogenic!

I Heart Faces - Messy Face Week!


When I saw that it was messy face week I knew that I already had the perfect picture. This is what spaghetti night looks like at our house! To see more messy faces go to http://www.iheartfaces.com/.