I Heart Faces - Photojournalistic

The theme for this week is photojournalistic, or telling a story with your photos. I decided to highlight my trip to Ireland last fall. My husband is a musician and had a tour to Ireland and I got to go! How amazing is Ireland! I decided to highlight some of the moodier photos, because some of the days were more damp and dark and well, Irish! Here's some of my favorite shots of Ireland with my hubs playing in the middle!

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I Heart Faces - Fixit Friday #68


It's been a while since I've participated in Fixit Friday, but since I didn't have any beach pictures to enter ( living in Oklahoma kind of helped me out with that) I thought I'd enter this week.

Here's the before:

My edited version:

I loved the mood of the photo and the blurring at the bottom of the photo especially but thought it needed to be warmed up and softened too. I also added in a texture to make it have a more vintage feel. I also added in a lens flare, I just think the sky was too bright to not have one!

Heather's Bridal

Oh my goodness, I've been so busy lately! I'm loving it by the way! Here are some bridal pics I did of Heather last month and couldn't wait to show you! She's a married lady now, so it's okay to put these out for the world to see. She was so much fun and had the most beautiful dress ever!
Heather's a costume maker/seamstress and works in the costume shop at the university. She really wanted to do some pics in the shop and when I saw this wall of hats I knew exactly what shot I wanted to get! She was such a trooper and climbed up a big ladder to get up there!

She's kind of fond of climbing things I guess. She climbed this gate at the entrance to a really nice neighborhood in town. With a train like that, you've got to show it off somehow!

Thanks Heather, you were a blast! Coming soon....Heather's wedding pics!

I Heart Faces - Got to wear shades!


So when I saw that it was sunglasses week, I knew just where to turn, my mother-in-law! She always has the most fabulous shades on every time I see her. A different pair to match each outfit and all very stylish! I loved this picture of her with my daughter Violet at a park watching my husband's band play.
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Favorite Picture Winner

I just realized that I never announced the winner of Friday's contest! Let's just say that I had a 1am-3am photo shoot on Monday, yes A.M.! So my sleep pattern is off and so is everything else! Anyway, on the winner! I chose this picture of a father and son saying goodbye to each other before he leaves for Iraq. How sweet is this? And I may be biased because this is my brother and nephew, but it's a great shot! Good job Shelly, I know you're counting down the days until Mike comes back home! 

Thanks to everyone who entered, I enjoyed your pictures a lot! If you have any ideas for next week's contest, just leave a comment!

I Heart Faces - Surprise!


My parents live on a farm. Whenever all the grand kids visit one of our favorite things to do as a family is to go to the barn and help feed all the animals, 3 miniature horses, tons of ducks, a llama and an enormous pet steer named Brownie. Yes, they have a pet steer. He just gets bigger and bigger and they aren't going to sell him or do anything with him other than let him be a pet. So we were all out feeding the animals one day when Brownie came running around the corner right toward my youngest niece Sophia. Needless to say, she wasn't expecting that and took off running and screaming! I of course had to get the picture!

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Photography Friday - Favorite

The theme for this week is favorite. I want to see one of your favorite photos that you've taken this summer! It can be of anything you want, just one that you really love! There are several pictures that I love that I can't post on the blog because they're either bridal portraits or baby announcements, so I'll just have to wait on those! This is a picture I took at this year's peach festival of my cousin Jamey's son, Gunner. Doesn't he have the most beautiful blue eyes? They really look like that too, his mom has them also!
Let's see your favorites! One entry per person, the photo must have been taken by you, you have until Sunday night at 10 pm to enter!