Photo Friday - So Yellow!

The theme this week is very simple, your picture has to feature the color yellow. It can be a pic of anything you want, as long as it's yellow or has yellow in it somewhere! It's just a happy color!
Rules: Must have yellow, only one photo entry per person, you must have taken the picture yourself, you have until Monday night at 10 pm to enter. The winner will be announced on Tuesday morning! Have fun!

Peach Orchard on Pioneer Woman!

This morning I got up and checked PW to see the second group of landscape favorites and was so surprised to see mine in the mix! I really didn't expect it this time because of all of the other amazing pictures that have been featured. I am so excited! Here's the shot"

This was taken in my hometown, Porter, Oklahoma during Easter weekend. I was driving back from my grandma's house when I saw all the peach blossoms. I stopped the car, got out, climbed up the embankment and leaned over the fence to get it. I really wanted to get closer but since my mom and daughters were waiting in the car, I didn't climb the fence. I'm so excited to be on PW for the third time this year! What an honor! Here's the link to see the picture on her website:

All About Eyes Winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered this week, it was a lot of fun! My first place award goes to Brook. I loved her chocolate brown eyes! Sorry if it looks pixelated, I could not copy it from her blog at a larger size.

Second place goes to Amy and her picture is not able to be copied at all, but here is the link to it. What a fabulous shot!

Third place, and most creepy entry award goes to Kate! Not only are the eyes on the dead chickens creepy, but the lady standing behind them is a little strange too!

Please stop back by on Friday and join in for photo Friday again!

I Heart Faces - Smiles!


I chose this lovely girl because I think she has a killer smile! What a fun photo session this one was, she was a natural! To see more smile photos, or to enter one of  your own, go to to enter!

Photo Friday - All About Eyes

So it's all about the eyes this week! Just choose a photo where you think the eyes really stand out. Doesn't have to be a human, by the way!
Rules: you have to have taken the picture yourself, only one picture per person, has to go with the theme, you have until Monday at 10 pm to enter.

Aidan's Spring Pics

I took these pics the other day of Aidan and she was co cute! She's getting a baby sister soon and this is her last solo photo shoot!

I had to show this sassy pose at the end!

Photo Friday Spring Winners

First place goes to one that I kept going back  to look at, I absolutely love it! How cute would this be framed in a nursery with a bird theme?

Second goes to Lauren, I love how dreamy this looks, and how the edges are blurred out. Great shot!
Third goes to Lynn. This purple thistle is amazing! I really love the colors of this shot!
I had so much fun looking at all the springs pics this week and they were all sooo good! Thanks for entering everyone, come by again on Friday for a new theme!

I Heart Faces- Collages

Yes, this is how my girls' Easter pictures turned out this year! What a great idea for me to get them all dressed up and take them to the park so we could get some great pictures with the beautiful tulips! Oh well, there's always next year!

To see more collages, head over to

Photography Friday - Spring!

The theme for this week's photo contest is spring, since I love it so much!
The rules: You must have taken the picture yourself, must have something to do with the theme, only one photo can be entered, you have until Monday night at 10pm to enter. Can't wait to see your spring photos!

Lovett Maternity Pics

The other day I had the pleasure of shooting Broolyn's maternity pics. Have you ever seen a prettier pregnant lady before? We did the pics out at Jerad's parents house and it was a perfect day for pics! Take a look and let me know what you think!

Action Winners!

I really enjoyed all the action shots this week, thanks to everyone who entered! My first place action picture goes to :

Kim Walden
I absolutely loved this! Such a great capture of a fun moment!

Runner up goes to Katie Seat
Look at his face!! I love how he is suspended in mid air and you can tell he's overjoyed! Great job Katie!

See you guys next Friday for another fun contest!

I Heart Faces - Desserts!

Last summer a few weeks after I had a baby, all my closest girlfriends came in from around the country to all spend the weekend together. We all used to live in OKC together but everyone moved eventually and now we're spread out all around the country, from Chicago to DC, Wyoming to San Antonio. It meant the world to me that they all came in to see the newest addition to our family! Since we were all together, we decided to throw another friend in the group a surprise baby shower. We were all pretty much pregnant at the same time or barely overlapping so there are lots of babies coming! Anyway, we went to a lovely tea room in Edmond and threw her a shower, and this was the dessert that we got! Isn't it gorgeous?
To see more desserts, if you can handle it, go to Yummy!

Photo Friday - Action

The theme for this Friday is "Action". Since I have two very active girls on my hands, the theme is appropriate. I got this shot of Viv this weekend in Porter right after church. Can you tell that she was tired of sitting still?
So here's the rules: You must have taken the picture yourself, only one picture can be entered, must include the theme, you have until 10pm on Monday to enter. The winners will be announced on Tuesday morning.

So remember, no sitting still pics! Let's see your action shots!

Family Pics in the Oldest Barn Ever!

I had an idea for my sister's family's easter pics this year. For some reason, I really wanted them to be in an old barn. So since my dad has been a rural mail carrier for my whole life, I sent him on a mission to find me the best barn in Porter for our photo shoot. He immediately knew of a great old barn that used to be on his mail route. The people who own it know that it is at least 105 years old, and probably much older. Here's the barn, pretty cool huh?
These are my lovely nieces, Sophia, Lily and Addi.
And my really unattractive sister and brother in law.
Aren't they the cutest?
Just the girls this time!
That barn's starting to look creepy.
But the girls don't think so, they're laughing!
There was a snake right by this log before we took this picture. I kept looking around and checking that it wasn't coming for me!
This was a room inside the barn that was sooo cool! The steps led up the second floor loft.

Senior Pictures, Oklahoma Style!

When I was a senior we didn't do pictures like they do them now. I went to the studio with a boring backdrop or something lame like a megaphone in the distance and took a very predictable senior picture. Now, they are on location, fun photo shoots that really show off their personalities! How I wish I would've done something like that! Instead I have a picture of me with hot rolled hair, a forest green crushed velvet sweater and my hand under my chin in that weird glamour shots pose. You know what I mean! Anyway, I had the best time the other day doing Emily's senior pictures. Talk about photogenic! This girl knew what she was doing, and didn't take one bad picture. She's such a natural. I had a hard time choosing which pics to feature, so there are a lot of them! Let me know what you think...

These were done in the Deer Creek area at an old run down shack or barn. It was really cool, except for the huge bee swarm right behind it! Thanks Emily for the fun photo shoot!