The new Mrs. Newberry


This is another favorite bridal portrait that I've taken. It's of the gorgeous Jill Huggins, now Newberry! Jill was so much fun to take pictures of because every picture of her was so good. She's very photogenic and was super easy to work with. I also did her engagement pictures and some of the wedding photography as well. They had a really pretty wedding in Ft. Gibson.


Suzanne said...

Somehow I ended up here - (actually on your fashion blog), I was surprised when I realized it was you!! This picuture of Jill is AMAZING! Great job!! I didn't know you were doing photography! You're good! I'm glad I stumbled into your blogging world! Have a good day!

Mandy said...

Thanks Suzanne, it's good to hear from you! Let me know if you need any pictures taken of your adorable son!