I Heart Faces - No Flash


I chose this picture I took of my niece Addi because she has such gorgeous chocolate eyes! I immediately thought of this picture when this theme came up. Isn't she gorgeous? I also love her freckles!


This picture I love so much because you can't always capture moments like this, but you'll always look back on them and remember what it felt like to hold your newborn baby. I just love how the light from the window is hitting them and softening the whole picture. I love no flash week!

To get in on the fun, go to http://www.heartfaces.com/.


mo*reezy said...

two gorgeous entries!

Becca said...

These are both beautiful! I especially love the one of the baby being fed - so sweet!

Melinda said...

Great entries! I love the freckles in the first and the lighting in the adult photo just adds to that sense of softness.

Jessica said...

Beautiful shots! The adult entry is stunning. So beautiful and peaceful.