I Heart Face - Wedding Bells!


I was excited and nervous about wedding week on I Heart Faces. I am a wedding photographer, so I knew it would be hard to find just one picture. I knew I wanted it to be a candid shot, showing the true joy on the couple's faces, and I had to find the picture while my daughter watching Sesame Street! That's not a lot of time! I remembered back to this wedding and found the perfect shot. This couple decided to see each other before the wedding and when the couple does that, I always set up a "moment" for them to see each other. He has his back turned and then when I tell him to, he turns around and gets to see her walking down the aisle towards him! It's their all alone moment, well except for me that is. Anyway, I love the look on her face, she's truly happy! To enter a picture in the contest go to I Heart Faces.


Melinda said...

Gorgeous shot, Mandy! I love that you were there to capture their "moment".

AJ said...

Very nice!

Allison said...

Aww...that's me! :) This is one of my favorite shots from the amazing pictures you took!!

(It is in our guest bathroom!)