Fixit Friday


I really liked the picture this week for Fixit Friday, and so did my almost three year old daughter who saw it up on my computer screen. I almost talked her into letting me put braided pigtails in her hair because of it but she backed out in the end. Oh well, I almost had her!

Here is the sooc shot, which is pretty good already, just needs a couple of touch ups!

I just needed some boosting, some contrast and a little extra attention on the eyes. I used PW's actions, Fresh & Colorful, Sharpen This, and Bring on the Eyes.

Then I decided to do a second one, I thought that PW's Seventies action would be great with her coloring. It's definitely my fave PW action but it doesn't look good on everyone. I've been using it for a while and knew it would be great on this precious little girl. I then added an edge burn just to dim it a little.
Happy photo editing!


Janet said...

Nice edits. Really love the second one.

Jordi said...

I really like both of your edits! They are so pretty! Great job!

Robin Jones said...

Really nice edits! Love the first one!

ATALW said...

These are great!!

Alex and Emily said...

I like the first one a lot!!!