I Got The Blues Winners!

This was hard for me this week! With so many great photos and so many entries, it's not easy to choose winners. However, that is the plan, so here we go:

First Place - Gena Shoemake
I love this color of blue, it's probably my favorite shade! And while I'd never want to be this close to this rodent, I love that his eyes are so focused and everything in the background is perfectly blurred. Great job!

Second Place - Ann White

This picture looks like something that could be hanging in the white house! Very Americana!

Third Place - Rebecca

What a fabulous shot of the Eiffel Tower, sooo pretty! Makes me want to get my passport out!

Fourth Place - Angela Risley

I don't even think this one needs an explanation! Do places like this really exist??

Fifth Place - Lailah Morris

I love how the entire picture is just of the ground, but you can see almost the whole sky. The composition is perfect. I also love that even though Lailah and her family are going through so much right now, she can step outside the hospital and see something beautiful. Even if it's on the ground. Lovely!

Thanks to everyone who entered this week, please come back next week and do it again! Also, try to stop by the winners blogs and congratulate them! Have a great week!


Gena said...

Wahoo!!!!!! I'm so excited. Don't worry about having to pick winners. That just makes us more determined to have a better picture next time. This is so fun.