I Heart Faces - Slice of Life

I tried to get a good picture of my girls the other day but of course they never look at the camera at the same time, well sometimes they do but usually one of them is crying. Anyway, I happened to get this one and when I got it home I almost deleted it because it wasn't completely in focus. I had my mouse on the red X and then thought, man I really like their faces in this, maybe I can do something to it. So I played around and ended up loving it. I'm so glad I didn't delete it! And I think it's so much better that they're doing their own thing, rather than looking at the camera, so much more natural this way! I just had a big 11x17 framed for their room and it looks so cute!

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Laurie said...

Good thing you didn't delete this one... it really is very cute! It might not have been what you expected, but it captured your girls as they are! Turned out beautiful!

natalie spencer said...