My Favorite Ireland Pics

Glendalough Cemetary. It was a very rainy and hazy day which made it more creepy!A cool bridge in Glendalaugh.
This is the river in Dublin, very beautiful!
A cross at an old cathedral we drove past and had to get out of the car to check out. This pic is not in black and white, that's how grey the skies were that day.

This is a water fountain outside of the place that made played at the first night in Belfast.

Spectacular skies the night we arrived.

Belfast skies, it started raining on me when I was out there!

Accross the street from the above picture. It was pretty dark out and I didn't have a tripod of course, so I just braced myself and stood as still as possible since I was using manual mode.
Too bad I was only there for a few days!


Monica said...

Love, love, love these pics - it takes me back to our trip there last spring! You are incredibly talented!

Mandy said...

Thanks Mon! Maybe we should go together next time!