Senior Pictures, Oklahoma Style!

When I was a senior we didn't do pictures like they do them now. I went to the studio with a boring backdrop or something lame like a megaphone in the distance and took a very predictable senior picture. Now, they are on location, fun photo shoots that really show off their personalities! How I wish I would've done something like that! Instead I have a picture of me with hot rolled hair, a forest green crushed velvet sweater and my hand under my chin in that weird glamour shots pose. You know what I mean! Anyway, I had the best time the other day doing Emily's senior pictures. Talk about photogenic! This girl knew what she was doing, and didn't take one bad picture. She's such a natural. I had a hard time choosing which pics to feature, so there are a lot of them! Let me know what you think...

These were done in the Deer Creek area at an old run down shack or barn. It was really cool, except for the huge bee swarm right behind it! Thanks Emily for the fun photo shoot!


Devin said...

Those are great pics Mandy, I love them!