All About Eyes Winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered this week, it was a lot of fun! My first place award goes to Brook. I loved her chocolate brown eyes! Sorry if it looks pixelated, I could not copy it from her blog at a larger size.

Second place goes to Amy and her picture is not able to be copied at all, but here is the link to it. What a fabulous shot!

Third place, and most creepy entry award goes to Kate! Not only are the eyes on the dead chickens creepy, but the lady standing behind them is a little strange too!

Please stop back by on Friday and join in for photo Friday again!


amy nickerson said...

Sorry, I got lazy and didn't enter my photo through my blog instead of Flickr. Next time I'll do that so you can copy it to your blog if I win :) I just don't like giving the whole world the ability to steal my photos!

Shelly said...

What I think it really creepy is I'm not so sure those are chickens. I think they might be geese... ick! Chickens do not have that long of necks nor do their heads look like that... so I'm very troubled but this picture!