Family Pics in the Oldest Barn Ever!

I had an idea for my sister's family's easter pics this year. For some reason, I really wanted them to be in an old barn. So since my dad has been a rural mail carrier for my whole life, I sent him on a mission to find me the best barn in Porter for our photo shoot. He immediately knew of a great old barn that used to be on his mail route. The people who own it know that it is at least 105 years old, and probably much older. Here's the barn, pretty cool huh?
These are my lovely nieces, Sophia, Lily and Addi.
And my really unattractive sister and brother in law.
Aren't they the cutest?
Just the girls this time!
That barn's starting to look creepy.
But the girls don't think so, they're laughing!
There was a snake right by this log before we took this picture. I kept looking around and checking that it wasn't coming for me!
This was a room inside the barn that was sooo cool! The steps led up the second floor loft.


Kim said...

These are beautiful Mandy! Awesome job!

Melinda said...

LOVE THESE!! And that barn is amazing!!