Heather's Bridal

Oh my goodness, I've been so busy lately! I'm loving it by the way! Here are some bridal pics I did of Heather last month and couldn't wait to show you! She's a married lady now, so it's okay to put these out for the world to see. She was so much fun and had the most beautiful dress ever!
Heather's a costume maker/seamstress and works in the costume shop at the university. She really wanted to do some pics in the shop and when I saw this wall of hats I knew exactly what shot I wanted to get! She was such a trooper and climbed up a big ladder to get up there!

She's kind of fond of climbing things I guess. She climbed this gate at the entrance to a really nice neighborhood in town. With a train like that, you've got to show it off somehow!

Thanks Heather, you were a blast! Coming soon....Heather's wedding pics!