Favorite Picture Winner

I just realized that I never announced the winner of Friday's contest! Let's just say that I had a 1am-3am photo shoot on Monday, yes A.M.! So my sleep pattern is off and so is everything else! Anyway, on the winner! I chose this picture of a father and son saying goodbye to each other before he leaves for Iraq. How sweet is this? And I may be biased because this is my brother and nephew, but it's a great shot! Good job Shelly, I know you're counting down the days until Mike comes back home! 

Thanks to everyone who entered, I enjoyed your pictures a lot! If you have any ideas for next week's contest, just leave a comment!


Shelly said...

Thanks Mandy! This was a tearful morning for sure, however I'm happy to have the picture. What about pets, water, landscape, sunsets, churches, houses for future ideas? I'm no photographer but I love your website and your contests!