On Pioneer Woman!

One goal I had for this year was for one of my photos to be on Pioneer Woman's website. I really didn't think it would happen, but it's good to dream!  I couldn't believe when it happend in January and I certainly couldn't believe it again when it happened yesterday!

When she said the theme was green I immediately thought of my trip to Ireland and specifically this shot of the Glendalough Cemetery. It was such a rainy, dreary day, just perfect for a nice creepy cemetery picture. (But very bad for my hair!) Anyway, the day that I posted this picture in her Flickr group I had about 35 views. Flickr tells you how many people have clicked on your photo to check it out. After PW announced that I was in the first group of best photos the numbers kept going up and up. Today, just one day later, I have 466 views! It's amazing the power the PW has! It's been such a crazy ride, and it's been so much fun! Here's the shot that was featured.

Several people have requested prints of this photo, and if you'd like one, please leave a comment and I'll give you the price for whatever size you would like. Thanks!


ComplyKated said...

Does she have a badge for that? You really should get one- what an honor! I'll make you one if she doesn't.
Way to go!

OK Chick said...

Good job Mandi!

Elizabeth Mullins said...

Way to go Mandy!