Wish You Were Here Winner!

I loved this week's pictures so much, it made me feel like I wasn't sitting here in cold and dreary Oklahoma anymore! This week's first place winner is Andy Jacobsen! Here is his awesome picture: I loved this shot so much, while the sunset and water are gorgeous, my favorite part of this picture is the foreground. Imagine this picture without it. Great shot Andy!

I'm also giving a special creativity award to Amy Nickerson. I loved the post processing she did on this shot:
Go to her blog to read what she did to get this vintage postcard look. Great job as usual Amy! You're inspiring!
Thanks to everyone who entered this week! Leave a comment for the winners. Also, I'm taking your suggestions for the theme for next week, so leave a comment if you have ideas.


Andrew said...

Thanks Mandy! I love taking pictures of randon things which I think look interesting. My wife hates it because people aren't the focus. I'm glad you liked it!

amy nickerson said...

Thanks Mandy :) You're definitely inspiring to me with your work as well!

Anonymous said...

Awesome photos for sure! This is a great blog.