Photography Friday - The worst

This week we're going to do something a little bit different. I want you to post the most embarassing picture of yourself. You read that right, let's see the 80's hair, bad teeth and glasses. Hmm, well maybe that was just me. Anyway, let's see what you got!

So the rules are different this week since you don't have to be the photographer. I'm excited to see everyone's pics, be brave and don't leave me hangin'! You have until Monday night to enter, so get thee to a scanner.

Alright guys, this is me when I was probably like 14 or so. I had done my hair like this so that I could send it in to one of those Teen Magazine best hair contests. I'm not kidding. So, let's see what you got!


Dwight said...

I win

Tamra said...

I love that pic of you. And the fact that you were entering it in a teen magazine "good hair" contest. Brilliant!

ann said...

I find it hilarious that Dwight entered a picture I took approx 12 years ago. :)

Shelly said...

I posted this yesterday and forgot to link to it on your page! Opppsss.