Happy Winners

I had two favorites that I kept going back to this week.
I chose this breakfast photo by Ann because I loved the simplicity of it. I love all the elements of it, and I love breakfast! Ann, let's go to Paris and have breakfast some time! Great shot this week. The next one that I loved was this happy girl below, taken by Sarah. I loved the look on her face and just how happy she was! However, I kept wanting to lighten it a bit and crop it. So here is the original shot, which was so cute!

Here's the editing I did to it. I hope this doesn't make Sarah mad, but I figured that since it's a photography blog that it would be okay! Great job to everyone this week, I hope you enjoyed the theme!


ann said...

Yay! I would love to go to Paris for breakfast with any of you guys! The funny thing is that I totally took that pic off the cuff. It was the only morning I was alone in Paris and I just sat and ate and drank it all in. I remember thinking, "I want to remember this moment." I'm glad it made YOU guys happy, too!